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About Mark


  • Earns well over 6 figures per month in Synergy Worldwide  

  • #1 Distributor of Synergy Worldwide      

  • Ranked in the top 40 income earners for the entire Network Marketing Industry      

  • Became a millionaire in 5 different business sectors    

  • Sold one of his companies for $560 million dollars      Author of the book “The Accidental Guru”

Mark Comer is an American businessman, philanthropist, and Triple Presidential with Synergy Worldwide.  As the number one distributor for Synergy, he is currently ranked in the Top 40 income earners for the entire Network Marketing Industry.

Over the years, Mark has founded several companies in multiple industries, became a millionaire in 5 different business sectors, and sold one of his companies for an appraised value of $560 million.  He has served as a mentor, board member, and partner in numerous businesses and foundations.  Mark has been involved in the creation of multiple entrepreneurial initiatives and venture capitalized startups.  (He has ridden motorcycles, surfed or played rock and roll on nearly every continent, as well).


All this being said, Mark considers Synergy to be, “the best business decision he has ever made”.


Mark Comer has authored and published the book “Discoveries of an Accidental Guru: 100 Lessons of Business and Personal Success”.  In the book, Mark conveys lessons drawn from his life experiences, both positive and negative, that ultimately led to his establishment of several multi-million dollar businesses.


Mark’s 20-year plus body of business, life experiences, combined with his down-to-earth, accessible, and entertaining style, make him a sought-after speaker and presenter in the world of business and personal success strategies.

Discoveries of an accidental guru

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